UNCW Visual design for multimedia

This class provides new techniques and strategies for developing research and concept driven works of art and design using a variety of digital design software methods and technology. Contemporary Digital Art theory is also explored and all projects are presented by the students for in-class critique throughout their development.

An adaptable class structure on the following foundational elements:

  • group discussion / critique formats
  • contemporary / Multimedia design / history / theory
  • Portfolio Development
  • collaboration / team-based projects
  • independent research & concept development
  • Multimedia Design methods & technology
  • prototyping / ideation processes: sketches > models > revisions > final version
  • final projects

Minnie Evans interactive system: A special project with the Cameron Museum
This project was developed by the entire class, organized into sub teams that managed various aspects of both the online and in museum versions of this project.
Project Website: http://minniesdreamscapes.org/

Project 3 – Animated Motion / Info Graphics

Use the Youtube player control arrow buttons to move through the entire playlist of videos or click here to view the playlist on Youtube.

Project 1 – Student Porfolio Websites
Trish Beeksa
Skylar Chadwick
Trace Cooke
Kayla Dorsey
Kira Eagon
Will Fell
Rilee Knott
Taylor Meckes
Marshall Nugent
Jiajian Ou
Jordan Rayle
Rylee Thomas
Victoria White
Cayla Wileman

Project 2 – Printed and Animated Infographics / Explainer Videos

Project 2 – Animated GIF Info Graphics