UNCW Intro to 3D Modeling w/ Maya

This is an introductory course to 3D modelling using Autodesk’s Maya software platform. This course has been developed within the Digital Arts program at UNCW.

Courses objectives:

  • To produce conceptually interesting and formally compelling art & design work.
  • To understand the principles of Digital Art & Design.
  • To develop an awareness of artists & designers working in the field.
  • To research and develop original ideas and concepts.
  • To utilize 3D modeling technology to give rise to original art and design projects.
  • To offer intelligent and informed critiques.

Technical Proficiencies:

  • Polygonal based modeling
  • NURB based modeling 
  • Subdivision modeling
  • UV Mapping Texture Mapping
  • Shader Development
  • Lighting techniques:  3-point lighting
  • set up Rendering:  basic software / hardware / Arnold 
  • Outputs:  3D Prints, VR / Game Assets 3D cameras
  • Scene composition
  • Compositing w/ Photoshop
  • Advanced Textures w/ Substance Painter

Final Research Projects:

Project 3c: Covid Escape Space / Green Tiny House / Studio

Project 3b: Gallery / Museum addition to to the Cultural Arts Building at UNCW

Project 3a: Environments for project 1 & 2

Project 2: The Connected Objects (Team Project)

Project 1: 3D Nano Machine / Microscopic Organisms

Project 1: 3D printed Nano Machine / Microscopic Organisms