UMaine Advanced 2D / 3D Prototyping

Advanced 2D / 3D Prototyping is a technical instruction course where students learn how to design functional objects, sculpture and other digitally inspired forms in a variety of 2D (Adobe Illustrator) & 3D applications (123D Design & Make, Sculptris, AutoCAD, Cinema 4D & more) then produce those design models as physical objects with a variety of rapid prototyping methods including: 3D Printing, Vacuum Forming, Laser Cutting, CNC Milling & more.  The work in the galleries below is from two years of teaching this course at the University of Maine as a cross listed undergraduate / graduate course.

Syllabi:  NMD430IMD530-advancedproto-syllabus

Laser Cutting

3D Printing

Vacuum Forming / Pine Resin Casting

Independent Research Projects: Creating glass castings from PLA based 3D prints with CNC milled bases


Independent Research Projects: combining more than one prototyping process