UMaine Video Projection Mapping

This course focuses on video projection mapping, exploring the medium of projected light, adding moving textures and images to sculpture, installation, performance and architecture. This includes both indoor and outdoor uses of video projection, both large and small scale. We used the IMRC Immersive APPE2 space with it’s eight, wall to wall video projectors, as well as indoor / outdoor reverse projection screen in the APPE 1 that opens a massive wall sized window from the inside of the APPE space to the outside world. We also explored the use of video projection on a series of architectural features in and around the University campus and beyond into our surrounding communities. Live performance venues were created through the use of video mapping / VJ software such as Modul8, MadMapper, Resolume, VDMX, Milumin, MaxMSP as well as a number of free / open source / intro options.

DOWNLOAD: Projection-Mapping-Fall-17-syllabus

Projection Mapping Fall 2017 – Mapping the IMRC architecture:

Projection Mapping Fall 2017 – Mapping the Roger Clapp Greenhouse interior:

Projection Mapping Final Projects 2016:


Projection Mapping IMRC APPE 1 & 2 Spaces 2016:


Projection Mapping UMaine Architecture 2016:

Projection Mapping the Thomas Hill Standpipe in Bangor Maine 2016:

Projection Mapping the UMaine museum building and sculpture garden in Bangor Maine 2015: