UMaine New Media Strategies

This course covers new media culture and theory of the present, bringing students up to speed on a range of contemporary artistic, political, and ethical issues in the field. Students in this course also extend the technical skills acquired in previous courses by applying them to a creative application of their own individual or collaborative design, such as an advanced portfolio. Course is taught via lecture with labs.

It is a hybrid style, adaptable class structure based on the following foundational elements:
● presentation skills
● portfolio development (WordPress)
● documentation techniques: audio, video, photo, writing & press
● group discussion / critique formats
● artist / designer presentations & techniques
● contemporary art research & theory
● proposal writing / grant seeking
● new media techniques: Video Projection Mapping & Digital Prototyping
● collaboration: small team-based projects
● independent research & concept development
● interaction design
● prototyping processes: sketches > prototypes > testing > final version
● visiting artists / community, studio & lab field trips
● final research projectst / end of Semester Show

Syllabus Examples:
2014 – NMD200-syllabus
2016 – NMD200-Syllabus

Portfolio Website Site Maps:

 WordPress Portfolio Websites

Small Scale Projection Mapping:

Laser Cutting & Analog Electronics:

3D printing & Digital (Arduino) Electronics:

Large Scale Project Proposals:
Projection Mapping the Thomas Hill Standpipe

Final Research Projects: