American Arts Incubator – Alexandria, Egypt

This international artist exchange program was in collaboration with the American Arts Incubator workshops and project development, ZERO1, the El Horreya Creativity Center and U.S. Consulate Alexandria. The final culmination of this unique project brought four interdisciplinary teams together for a final show in which we presented our work in the gallery spaces of the El Horreya Creativity Center.

These teams consisted of a broad spectrum of the Alexandria community, with individuals ranging from ages 19 to 60, and a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds, from students to professors to artists, engineers, and biologists.

These photos shot by lead artist Gene A. Felice II and official project documenter Maged Makram give a unique perspective on the duration of the various workshops and team collaborations that emerged throughout the four-week experience. More details can be found on the project website here.

The Iron Lotus

As a part of the overall AI / ZERO1 initiative, I created my own project titled “Iron Lotus”. This was a site specific video projection mapped installation blending, video, animation and sound. It could also be seen on the exterior of the building as it was projected onto a curtain of Egyptian Cotton.

Eco First Aid Kits

A final component of the overall project was to leave something behind that could continue to evolve to the needs of the local arts community. Based on the lessons and technology learned throughout the workshops and project development phases, we created a pair of what I am calling “Eco First Aid Kits”. Each kit had a battery powered pico projector, an audio recording microphone system for smartphones and a digital microscope. All of this technology is packed into a low profile, backpack for easy transportation / implementation without fear of discovery.