The Algae Collaborative

Project Website:

The Algae Collaborative is an interdisciplinary, action-research team comprised of a marine biologist who specializes in macroalgae, two visual artists whose expertise span sculpture and new/intermedia, an architect/planner who studies the social science of sustainability, a marine policy scholar who studies the interface between science and policy, and a legal scholar who studies sustainability and property-rights

Call and Response: Rockweed in the Gulf of Maine Communities that border the Gulf of Maine face consequences of global climate change, economic disruptions and are often challenged by three variables: science, local knowledge and action. The first two variables—science and local knowledge— are frequently invisible to the very people who must act to improve conditions. The purpose of this proposed project is to make these variables visible, and thus actionable, through the communicative abilities of art and science. By making complex, sometimes competing forms of knowledge visible, the project will afford coastal communities the opportunity to synthesize what differing social groups know and thus catalyze relevant action.

You can download the full project proposal here!