The Coaction Lab at the University of Maine, in partnership with the Intermedia MFA program, the New Media dept. and the Bangor Water District, collaborated to create a multi-media event titled FLOW – An evening of water themed light and projection, during the annual Spring tour of the Thomas Hill Standpipe on May 11th. Faculty and students enveloped the Thomas Hill Standpipe in a blanket of light, sound and moving imagery inspired by the rich history and daily functions of this unique feature of the Bangor water infrastructure and the incredible diversity of life that depends on water ecosystems.

Participating Faculty and Students Include:

Project Leader / Creator:
Gene A. Felice II

Intermedia MFA Students:
Tara Law
Eleanor Kipping

New Media Students:
Toni Kaplan

Music / Sound:
Duane Shimmel
Kimathi Moore

Aerial footage shot by: Todd Eastman
Video shot & edited by: Eleanor Kipping & Gene A. Felice II

Photos courtesy of the University of Maine and shot by Adam Küykendall:

 Photos by Gene A. Felice II: