Aquaphonic Scales – {Re}HAPPENING 2015

Aquaphonic Scales was a project by Gene Felice and Kima Moore as a part of the Coaction Lab collaborative research group. Felice and Moore created a multi-sensory installation on the famed grounds of Black Mountain College, specifically near the site of Buckminster Fuller’s first failure and successful geodesic domes, as well as within a close proximity to the Bauhaus style Studies Building constructed by the students and faculty of BMC. They transformed a geodesic projection dome into a lab / performance space / projection surface, bringing imagery from under the surface of Lake Eden and across a wide range of inner and outer scales, onto both the dome and the surface of the Studies Building via architectural projection mapping. A mobile microscopy lab was set up inside the dome during the day and performance Day time participants were asked to take water samples from our Lake eden, marking their location on supplied maps. Live microscopy was taken from these samples during the evening performance and projection mapped onto the nearby studies building.  Spacialized sound was layered and sampled from the grounds and waters surrounding Lake Eden. The path to the installation was also illuminated by a “diode-luminescent” pathway light system.