Haystack: Art Schools Collaborative

I had the honor of attending the Haystack Mountain School of Craft’s annual Art Schools Collaborative a for three years, with a great group of University of Maine Intermedia graduate students and University of Maine New Media undergraduate students. We have had a wonderful time presenting our work to schools across the eastern seaboard and Canada and vice versa.  The collaborative format got everyone in conversation and creative flow was abundant.

Photos from the 2017 event:

Photos from the 2015 event:

Highlights form 2014 include:

  • Forging a steel link in the collaborative chain project led by guest artist Matthew Hincman
  • Getting out of my skin and moving my body in new ways with guest artist / choreographer Alison Chase and helping her present her gift to a friend, via our groups movement idea.
  • Being led by guest artists / writer Akiko Busch through a written, spoken and installation twist on Exquisite Corpse, resulting in a directionally bound narrative of continuous group story telling…  It is a titled “A Continent of Home” and you can download it here: Haystack-A continent of home and see some photos below of the handwritten version aligned on the wall according to the ending direction of each writers paragraph.
  • Some of the most amazing, home cooked meals, that I’ve had in a family style setting.  Truly incredible!

Photos from the 2014 event: