Dioluminescent Organisms

This is an early prototype of my Dioluminescent Organisms installation, set up in the light lab of the Digital Arts Research Center at UCSC for the end of fall quarter, open studios event.  This installation features capacitive touch circuits, activated by touching the 3D prototyped bronze rings, activating the pine resin cast “machinic diatom” forms containing LED’s and vibrating motors, hanging from the ceiling along side the rings. The elecrical lines for rings and diatoms are wrapped in locally harvested kelp and the hanging frame made from bamboo.  The diatoms activate with different pulse (in harmony) or flash patterns (defense mechanism) depending on which ring is touched, when.  The process for the making the bronze rings involved multiple prototyping processes including, CNC milling MDF, followed by a vacuum formed mold being made from that, then a wax casting into the vacuum formed mold twice, welded together, then ceramic shell dipped and fired and finally cast into bronze.  Overall, this project was a study in kelp, phytoplankton and sustainable materials in art making.