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“The {Re}HAPPENING” is a community art event and takes place on the original grounds of the Black Mountain College. This event pairs the rich tradition and history of The Black Mountain College Museum with the forward thinking, media arts focus of the Media Arts Project. As the lead instigator of this event I’ve allowed my bridge building skills to evolve with a new level of focus. {Re}HAPPENING has become an event that allows me to combine all of my various skill-sets as an artist, educator and designer, weaving a unique tapestry of local food, art, interactivity and performance.  We’re going into our third year of the event on April 7th 2012.  Last year we had over 50 artists participate and over 400 people attend.  This year, I am happy to say that we reestablished the same grant that I received from the MAP 4 years ago, funding local media artists while providing them with a forum to show their work at the {Re}HAPPENING.

Not only does this event strengthen communities, but it is one where I have collaborated on two of my strongest projects of the past two years.  This includes “Omni-Present Orbs” a floating, sculptural projection installation anchored to the surface of Lake Eden and “Quasi-Equivalence” a floating performance space and projection sphere, dedicated to the geometric inventions of Buckminster Fuller and his time at BMC.