Intro to 3D animation w/ Maya

An introduction to 3D modeling using Autodesk’s Maya and Adobe After Effect software is an adaptable class structure on the following foundational elements:

  • group discussion / critique formats
  • contemporary 3D animation history / theory
  • 3D modeling and animation techniques in Maya by Autodesk
  • Compositing / motion graphics techniques in Adobe After Effects
  • collaboration / team-based projects
  • independent research & concept development
  • final independent research projects

An introduction to the artistic and technical field of computer-based 3D animation techniques, including related theory, production, and business. Advanced 2-D and 3-D animation, compositing, rendering, and character-design skills are developed in conjunction with traditional and digital story development, animation techniques, 3D lighting and camera methods. Students in this course also extend the technical skills acquired in previous courses by applying them to a creative application of their own individual or collaborative design.

3D Animation – Special Hiroshige project with the Cameron Museum:
In the Fall of 2018, our 3D Animation course had the opportunity to work with the Cameron Museum in Wilmington, NC to help animate imagery from their special collections show, “Along the Eastern Sea Road: Hiroshige’s Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido,” Student teams brought high resolution scans of the original prints into 2D and 3D design software and composited them into three HD vertical panels that brought the prints alive with motion and sound.

3D Animation Final Research Projects:

3D Animation Project 3: Student chosen theme – Sci Fi Characters

3D Animation Project 3: Student chosen theme – Urban Legends / Cryptics

3D Animation Project 2: Music / Sound based Animations

3D Animation Project 1: Bioluminescent Organisms