WordPress Workshop

A four-week workshop series taking you through the process of creating a website with WordPress, an open-source way to create on the Internet.

Class #1:
-Introduction to the instructor and his work & other WordPress example sites
-Web options for WordPress:  free wordpress.com, custom domains & options for renting web server space for a custom WP install.
-An introduction to the Dashboard, Posting, Templates & Appearance
-Lab Time:  Setting up our site templates, choosing templates, appearance & Making Your first posts.
Homework:  Get basic WordPress site up and running for the next class with the above listed topics explored and set-up for the next class.

Class #2:
-The Menu system in WordPress 3.0+
-Categories for posts, pages & the menu system.
-Lab Time:  Creating a basic outline site architecture for our website via “FreeMind“ mind-mapping software and creating our menu system via categorized posts, pages & links.
Homework:  Refine menu system and begin adding content to each page / post

Class #3:
-An introduction to Plug-ins & Widgets
-Photo Galleries:  Built-in System & Plug-In based options

-Embedding Video from Youtube
-Lab Time:  Installing new plug-ins and widgets, installing a photo gallery system and embedding a youtube video
Homework: Set-Up and Explore the above listed features in your website for the next class.

Class #4:
-Backing Up your System / WP build (xml and full FTP)
-Advanced Feature sites (twenty 11 & Synergy Alive site)
-Custom CSS options

-Child Themes
-Lab Time: final refinements & questions.
Homework: Finish your first WordPress based website