Modul8 / VJ Workshop

A four-week workshop series taking you through the process of shooting, exporting and manipulating live video in “VJ” & video installation scenarios. Primary software for the session is Modul8 (

Other “open source” options will also be explored.

Class #1:  Monday July 20th
-Introduction to the instructor and his work & other Live Video examples
-Introduction to Modul8 & It’s basic interface

Homework:  Bring some video clips, images or animations to compress and edit in the next class.

Class #2:  Monday July 27th

-Video Compression techniques and settings
-Community / 3rd party Plug-ins for Modul8

-Architectural Mapping in Modul8

Class #3:  Monday August 3rd

– Alternative Screen / Fabric techniques / examples
– Setting up a live video rig / display
– Everyone takes a turn at editing video live through our demo system.

Class #4:  Monday August 10th
– An introduction to other open-source VJ / Live Video Editing options