Advanced Flash Development

MMAS 420 – Class Website

This course will focus on the conceptualization and realization of flash-based websites, specifically utilizing the AS3 programming language.

The method of instruction will include lectures, demos, and video as well as in and out of class assignments.

The primary goal of this course will be for you to understand the concepts and practice of utilizing Flash software as a tool of ideation and for testing and visualizing conceptually driven works of art & design.


To produce conceptually interesting and formally compelling artwork & design.
To understand the principles of flash-based web design & production.
To be able to transform conceptually focused art  & traditional design principles into new forms of electronic media.
To offer intelligent and informed critiques.
To develop & communicate original ideas and concepts.
To develop an awareness of artists & designers working in the field.
To develop and understand methods of using the AS3 (Action Script 3) programming language.