Creative Technology

Creative Technology Class Website

Photoshop Section (trimester 1):

  • Basic introduction to the Computer Network: Shortcut keys, time saving tricks & techniques, personal server space, etc
  • Word processing & PDF Publishing Techniques
  • Internet Research & Google Search Techniques
  • PHOTOSHOP:  Basic Introduction, Image importing via digital camera’s and scanners, Layered images, photo re-touching, export for web, advanced techniques

Web Design Section (trimester 2):

  • A Basic introduction to web design
  • How to build a Blog
  • How to build a simple HTML based portfolio / personal website
  • How to make an animated Flash animation for their website.


INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH PROJECTS: students can pursue any of the following advanced technology subjects. If possible, I would like students to to use their technology choice in conjunction with their current academic research projects:

  • Basic video production and editing using Apple’s i-movie
  • An introduction to 3D modeling using Google’s Sketch Up software
  • Designing & Developing a custom “Scratch” game from MIT.
  • Advanced HTML web design
  • Digital Photography

We will be meeting individually to determine which technology you will be learning and how it will tie to your current class research project or to a new topic.