3D Computer Sculpture


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This course will focus on the conceptualization and realization of three-dimensional installation, objects and sculpture in the virtual environment of the computer. This course will prepare students to utilize 3D modeling software in preparation for research and expression within the realm of designing 3D installation and 3D animation.

Class content will include software demos, development of concept, aesthetics, techniques and processes used in creating 3D installation and sculptural objects within the virual space of the computer.

The method of instruction will include lectures, demos, and video as well as in and out of class assignments.

The primary goal of this course will be for you to understand the concepts and practice of utilizing 3D software as a tool of ideation and for testing and visualizing conceptually driven works of art. A secondary goal will be to learn techniques of rapid prototyping of your 3D forms and to learn about artists who are creating and pushing the boundaries of how to utilize 3D software in a fine arts context. Final 3D designs may be printed out on ink jet printers or a few of your 3D models will be output utilizing rapid-prototyping techniques in on and off campus facilities.