Gene currently splits his life into 3 directions:  Art, Design & Education.  In the art world, he calls himself an “Interactive Artist” examining relationships between himself and the outside world. His art is a lens through which he is able to focus and develop balance between himself and other living systems.

Through Design, he has found an outlet for simultaneously sharpening his ability to communicate visually while constantly pounding his way through the walls of the latest technology available.  This includes interactive web design, photo / video, 3D modeling & compositing.

Via the world of Education, he attempts to give back to the greater good while simultaneously dipping into the well of fresh creativity.  As a graduate student in the Digital Arts & New Media Program at UCSC, he rides the fence between being a student and teacher.  So far it’s a balancing act that produces a unique and fresh result.

Digital Arts and New Media form a fluid nexus for his work, providing a point of intersection to evolve new hybrids of nature and technology. Through motors, sensors and microcontrollers such as the Arduino or Raspberry Pi, he is able to interact directly with the viewer. Video & animated imagery viewed through projection mapping and alternative screens gives him the ability to transform 3D space and surface through the vehicle of light.  Through 3D modeling, rapid prototyping and interactive installation design, he is able pull all of these passions together into one symbiotically creative system.

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