Gene A. Felice II is a new faculty member within Intermedia & New Media at the University of Maine where he is also developing his Coaction Lab for interdisciplinary collaboration with an ecologically minded approach. He bridges his research and practice across:  Art, Science, Design & Education, developing a network of creativity, living systems, and emerging technologies. He has a hybrid practice at the intersection of nature and technology, developing symbiotically creative systems as arts / science research.
Coaction Lab website:  www.coactionlab.org

I currently split my life into 3 directions:  Art, Education & Family.  In the art world, I consider myself a hybrid artist exploring the intersections between a variety of mediums such as light, motion, digital fabrication, ecological / local material research, interactivity and sculptural installation.  My work strives to develop relationships between myself, my audience and other living systems that we live with, while keeping site specific histories in mind.

As an educator, I explore interdisciplinary / cross pollinated curriculum in search of diverse conversation and deeper understanding. The relationships between art and science form a fluid nexus for my work, providing a point of intersection to evolve new hybrids of nature, technology and creativity. Through motors, sensors and microcontrollers such as the Arduino or Raspberry Pi, I am able to translate an array of data streams to my audience via interactive, multi-media puzzles. Video & animated imagery viewed through projection mapping and other alternative screens give me the ability to transform 2D surfaces into 3D space through the vehicle of light.  Technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting combined with traditional techniques working glass and metal work are essential to my interactive installation production. I attempt to pull and hybridize all of these passions together into an ecology of symbiotically creative systems.

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