Thomas Hill Standpipe Projection Mapping

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The Coaction Lab at the University of Maine, in partnership with the Intermedia MFA program, the New Media dept. and the Bangor Water District, collaborated to create a multi-media event titled FLOW – An evening of water themed light and projection, … Continue reading

Aquaphonic Scales

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Aquaphonic Scales was a project by Gene Felice and Kima Moore as a part of the Coaction Lab collaborative research group. Felice and Moore created a multi-sensory installation on the famed grounds of Black Mountain College, specifically near the site of … Continue reading

Transfluence 4 / HERD

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This past Saturday, The Transfluent Orchestra (Gene A. Felice II & Nathan Ober) teamed up with HERD (eve Warnock & Kate Spacek) to produce a new collaboration at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for the Open Cities event. … Continue reading


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  Art / Light / Sound / Performance / Water & Ocean Ecology / Community Spring 2014 – Lighthouse Fields & Santa Cruz / Abbott Lighthouse Project Website: Through a partnership between the UCSC Digital Art & New Media graduate … Continue reading

Transfluence 1 & 2 (fire & light)

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Transfluence is a new collaboration with Nathan Ober.  For the first iteration of Transfluence, we set up a live projection mapping system onto the facade of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History for their annual GLOW event, focused … Continue reading

Plankton Harp prototype

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The Light Lab, The Digital Arts Research Center Santa Cruz, CA The “Plankton Harp” is a multi-sensory, cymatics and Max MSP based instrument prototype set up in the light lab in the Digital Arts Research center for the end of … Continue reading

10^10 Blow Out

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A sculptural video installation based on the “Powers of Ten” and the work of Charles & Ray Eames, by Gene A. Felice II & David McConville. This was created for the 10^10 Blow out event at the Pink Dog Studio, … Continue reading

{ADSR} Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

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Early Tests of “Creation Story” with red sand. slipped slip (7 min. montage) from Janice Lancaster, R. Brooke Priddy & Kima Moore Pushing the Envelope: ADSR was a collaborative, multi-media art show that I had the pleasure of curating for the … Continue reading


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Click here to visit to the official {Re}HAPPENING website “The {Re}HAPPENING” is a community art event and takes place on the original grounds of the Black Mountain College. This event pairs the rich tradition and history of The Black Mountain … Continue reading


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A floating, geodesic dome / performance space / projection surface, anchored to the surface of Lake Eden in Black Mountain NC and dedicated to the geometric inventions of Buckminster Fuller and his time at BMC.  This project was created on … Continue reading

BB&T Architectural Projection

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As a part of the {Pre}HAPPENING event series leading up to the 2011 {Re}HAPPENING community art event, we set up shop in and outside the Walnut Wine Bar in Asheville NC and also collaborated with the “Easel Rider” Asheville’s new … Continue reading

The Creative Technology & Arts Center

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The Creative Technology & Arts Center (CTAC) is a community hub for innovation. It welcomes artists, technologists and designers as they pursue projects that inspire and ignite transformative action. The vision of the Creative Technology & Arts Center (CTAC) is … Continue reading

Art Mush

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Most of the photos in the full gallery were taken by Nathan Ober. The final 15 or so amazing shots of the S.D.O.P. installation, were taken by Jon Leidel. Art Mush was a weekend of site-specific art creation with a … Continue reading

P2 Cycle (Pedal Power)

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Code Name: Open Source from Peak Definition on Vimeo. Our Next Step in the Project:  The P2 Modular Official Website: Pedal Power or “p2” for short is a new collaboration between Nathan Ober and Gene Felice.  It started as … Continue reading

Art Outside – Austin TX

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One of the best weekends of my life, was heading to Art Outside in the enchanted forest of Austin TX.  This amazing art space / hobo haven invited a group of 8 artists to ride cross country from Ohio to … Continue reading

Working Frameworks

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Experimental / Interactive Show Website: A group art show that traveled from Cornell University to Columbus Ohio to Chicago Illinois, exploring the frameworks of installation, sculpture & performance. This the  “The Control Room”, an interactive video installation that creates … Continue reading

Circular Movement

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This piece is titled Circular Motion.  It’s a project that I collaborated on in 2002 with Allison Fall, a modern dancer and ceramicist.  The show’s theme dealth with the idea of motion inside of stillness.  For our collaboration, we wanted … Continue reading