Category: New Media

The Realm of OOgonium
Living Windows
Phyto Heroes
The Mobile Coaction Lab (MCL)
No Plan B
FLOW Fort Knox
Chance Operations – {Re}HAPPENING 2017
The Algae Collaborative
Coactive Systems
Aquaphonic Scales – {Re}HAPPENING 2015
Transfluence 4 / HERD
The Phytoplankton Confessional
Oceanic Scales
Transfluence 3 (Water) & Birth of the Transfluent Orchestra (Light & Time)
Transfluence 1 & 2 (fire & light)
Plankton Harp prototype
Dreams of Water Themes
Dioluminescent Organisms
10^10 Blow Out
{ADSR} Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
BB&T Architectural Projection
The Mini-Moogseum
The Creative Technology & Arts Center
Omni-Present Orbs
The Moogseum
The Screen Doors of Perception
Art Mush
A Rapid Progression
P2 Cycle (Pedal Power)
Art Outside – Austin TX
Working Frameworks