The Algae Society

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The Algae Society is a global collective of interdisciplinary researchers working together to establish a new community with algae, as a non-human international research partner. The Algae Society was founded by a special partnership between the Coaction Lab and the Open … Continue reading

American Arts Incubator – Alexandria, Egypt

Video by Maged Makram.

This international artist exchange program was in collaboration with the American Arts Incubator workshops and project development, ZERO1, the El Horreya Creativity Center and U.S. Consulate Alexandria. The final culmination of this unique project brought four interdisciplinary teams together for … Continue reading

The Mobile Coaction Lab (MCL)

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The Coaction Lab at the University of North Carolina Wilmington in collaboration with Open Lab Research at the University of California Santa Cruz has collaborated with Maine artist and wooden boat builder, Reed Hayden and the IMRC at the University … Continue reading

FLOW Fort Knox

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PROJECT WEBSITE: FLOW is an event series produced by the Coaction lab in association with the Intermedia MFA and New Media undergraduate programs at the University of Maine and in collaboration with the Friends of Fort Knox. This event … Continue reading


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This is phase 2 of a project that I’ve been working on that combines complex geometry / plexus 3D objects designed in C4d, with planter systems designed for succulents.  I’ve been printing this design on my Ultimaker 2 in a … Continue reading

The Algae Collaborative

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Project Website: The Algae Collaborative is an interdisciplinary, action-research team comprised of a marine biologist who specializes in macroalgae, two visual artists whose expertise span sculpture and new/intermedia, an architect/planner who studies the social science of sustainability, a marine … Continue reading


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Constellations was a collaboration with the Theatre department at the University of Maine, with director Marcia Joy Douglas.   Constellations is a play by Nick Payne and is focused on love, relationships, quantum mechanics, time travel and destiny.  I created a … Continue reading


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The Coaction Lab at the University of Maine, in partnership with the Intermedia MFA program, the New Media dept. and the Bangor Water District, collaborated to create a multi-media event titled FLOW – An evening of water themed light and projection, … Continue reading

Coactive Systems

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@ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Fri Jan 30th thru Sun Apr 12, 2015 Gene A. Felice II / David Kant / Tina Matthews / Dan Mayer / Nathan Ober / Sean Pace / James Shedel / Leslie Thompson / Wade Warman Coactive Systems is a collaborative series of projects from Coaction Lab, … Continue reading

Aquaphonic Scales – {Re}HAPPENING 2015

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Aquaphonic Scales was a project by Gene Felice and Kima Moore as a part of the Coaction Lab collaborative research group. Felice and Moore created a multi-sensory installation on the famed grounds of Black Mountain College, specifically near the site of … Continue reading

The Phytoplankton Confessional

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The Phytoplankton Confessional is an ongoing project dedicated to collaboration with an organism that can’t tell you if it wants to collaborate with you.  In this particular collaborative investigation the organism we are attempting collaboration with is bioluminescent phytoplankton.  Early versions of … Continue reading

Oceanic Scales

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Visit our full project website here: “Oceanic Scales” was developed by Gene A. Felice II & Jennifer Parkerwith support from the OpenLab Research Center at UCSC and the Coaction Lab at the University of Maine.Download the full overview in PDF format … Continue reading

Mitehaler – Asthma 2D / 3D series

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This project started as a collaboration with Dean David Yager at UCSC, beginning with a series of 2D images exploring the causes of asthma.  It extended further into molds made from actual asthma inhalers and then cast from pine resin … Continue reading

Justice In a More than Human World

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Presented by the UCSC Science and Justice Working Group, UCIRA, Openlab & The Digital Arts & New Media program Event Report and Collaborative Academic Paper: more-than-human-magnone-felice-murray-v2 A collaborative paper / symposium by: Gene A. Felice II, Andy Murray & Sophia Magnone. … Continue reading


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  Art / Light / Sound / Performance / Water & Ocean Ecology / Community Spring 2014 – Lighthouse Fields & Santa Cruz / Abbott Lighthouse Project Website: Through a partnership between the UCSC Digital Art & New Media graduate … Continue reading

The Turtle’s Shell

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The Turtle’s Shell, was born from the inspiration a project titled Fecal Matters by Helen & Newton Harrison. Their unique solution for Bradford PA’s raw waste and run off problem was to divert rainwater into a combination of percolation ponds … Continue reading

Plankton Harp prototype

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The Light Lab, The Digital Arts Research Center Santa Cruz, CA The “Plankton Harp” is a multi-sensory, cymatics and Max MSP based instrument prototype set up in the light lab in the Digital Arts Research center for the end of … Continue reading

Dioluminescent Organisms

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This is an early prototype of my Dioluminescent Organisms installation, set up in the light lab of the Digital Arts Research Center at UCSC for the end of fall quarter, open studios event.  This installation features capacitive touch circuits, activated by touching … Continue reading


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Click here to visit to the official {Re}HAPPENING website “The {Re}HAPPENING” is a community art event and takes place on the original grounds of the Black Mountain College. This event pairs the rich tradition and history of The Black Mountain … Continue reading


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A floating, geodesic dome / performance space / projection surface, anchored to the surface of Lake Eden in Black Mountain NC and dedicated to the geometric inventions of Buckminster Fuller and his time at BMC.  This project was created on … Continue reading

A Rapid Progression

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Flash Website (Under Construction): The hybrid form is a subject that I find a certain kinship with.  I am a combination of my biology and my environment, a living mutation, balancing somewhere between the natural and technological worlds.  This … Continue reading

P2 Cycle (Pedal Power)

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Code Name: Open Source from Peak Definition on Vimeo. Our Next Step in the Project:  The P2 Modular Official Website: Pedal Power or “p2” for short is a new collaboration between Nathan Ober and Gene Felice.  It started as … Continue reading

Between Truth & Words

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A 3D Animation based on theories of synesthesia, specifically connections between color and sound frequencies 3D Animation by, Gene A. Felice II Sound by, Garred Martin