American Arts Incubator – Alexandria, Egypt

Video by Maged Makram.

This international artist exchange program was in collaboration with the American Arts Incubator workshops and project development, ZERO1, the El Horreya Creativity Center and U.S. Consulate Alexandria. The final culmination of this unique project brought four interdisciplinary teams together for … Continue reading

Phyto Heroes

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Oceanic Scales has expanded to include an educational app system that explores phytoplankton as a STEM to STEAM research subject through an interactive game system titled “Phyto Heroes” designed for 3rd through 5th grade students, supplemented with downloadable lesson plans … Continue reading

FLOW Fort Knox

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PROJECT WEBSITE: FLOW is an event series produced by the Coaction lab in association with the Intermedia MFA and New Media undergraduate programs at the University of Maine and in collaboration with the Friends of Fort Knox. This event … Continue reading

Chance Operations – {Re}HAPPENING 2017

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Chance operations was a new collaboration between Gene A. Felice II & Kimathi Moore at the 2017 {Re}HAPPENING community art event in Lake Eden / Black Mountain NC.  This project was an outdoor video projection mapping and sound performance on … Continue reading

Mitehaler – Asthma 2D / 3D series

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This project started as a collaboration with Dean David Yager at UCSC, beginning with a series of 2D images exploring the causes of asthma.  It extended further into molds made from actual asthma inhalers and then cast from pine resin … Continue reading

The Turtle’s Shell

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The Turtle’s Shell, was born from the inspiration a project titled Fecal Matters by Helen & Newton Harrison. Their unique solution for Bradford PA’s raw waste and run off problem was to divert rainwater into a combination of percolation ponds … Continue reading

{ADSR} Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

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Early Tests of “Creation Story” with red sand. slipped slip (7 min. montage) from Janice Lancaster, R. Brooke Priddy & Kima Moore Pushing the Envelope: ADSR was a collaborative, multi-media art show that I had the pleasure of curating for the … Continue reading


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Click here to visit to the official {Re}HAPPENING website “The {Re}HAPPENING” is a community art event and takes place on the original grounds of the Black Mountain College. This event pairs the rich tradition and history of The Black Mountain … Continue reading

The Creative Technology & Arts Center

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The Creative Technology & Arts Center (CTAC) is a community hub for innovation. It welcomes artists, technologists and designers as they pursue projects that inspire and ignite transformative action. The vision of the Creative Technology & Arts Center (CTAC) is … Continue reading

Art Mush

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Most of the photos in the full gallery were taken by Nathan Ober. The final 15 or so amazing shots of the S.D.O.P. installation, were taken by Jon Leidel. Art Mush was a weekend of site-specific art creation with a … Continue reading

A Rapid Progression

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Flash Website (Under Construction): The hybrid form is a subject that I find a certain kinship with.  I am a combination of my biology and my environment, a living mutation, balancing somewhere between the natural and technological worlds.  This … Continue reading

Departure Points: A : B : C

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the middle, in-between, pause, center, mean, limbo I am deciphering the systems of influence that surround me.  I am fathoming myself within these systems and how my presence effects the consequences of their equilibrium.  First I tried to understand what … Continue reading


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Inspired from the following Traditional Zen Statement:  “Years ago, I saw that mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers and trees are trees.  However, after having achieved intimate knowledge and having gotten a way in, I saw that mountains are not … Continue reading