Justice In a More than Human World

Presented by the UCSC Science and Justice Working Group,

UCIRA, Openlab & The Digital Arts & New Media program

Event Report and Collaborative Academic Paper:

A collaborative paper / symposium by:
Gene A. Felice II, Andy Murray & Sophia Magnone.

What are the possibilities and challenges of collaboration in the Anthropocene? Justice in a More-Than-Human World is a series of events exploring various modes of humans working with nonhumans—animals, plants, ecosystems, and technologies. How can humans foster more collaborative (and less exploitative) projects with these nonhuman others?


The series began Wednesday February 26th, 4-6 pm in the Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) Room 108 with a panel discussion on Human/Nonhuman Collaboration across the Arts & Sciences. This event featured visiting artist Amy Youngs and UCSC Emeritus Faculty Helen & Newton Harrison. They discussed the cross-pollination of art and scientific research in their work, with a focus on human/nonhuman collaboration in the worlds of eco art, bio art and interdisciplinary connections with the biological sciences. Amy Youngs also hosted a Wormshare Workshop where she will talk about designing for worms and people and how to connect eco-art ideas to real world, everyday actions, followed by an interactive session where attendees talked about and design their own Wormshare environments, on Thursday February 27th from noon to 2pm in DARC Room 206.

The series continued Friday February 28th, 4-6 pm in Engineering 2 Room 599 with a panel discussion on Bioengineering and Meat Cultures, featuring visiting scholar and artist Oron Catts. Lab-grown meat is being promoted as a response to the harmful effects of conventional factory-farmed meat production; this event will consider the ethical, environmental, and practical implications of such “custom-built collaborators.”

Sponsors for the event include the UCSC Science and Justice Research Cluster; UCSC Digital Arts and New Media; UCSC Open Lab; and the UC Institute for Research in the Arts.

This event series was free and open to the public.

Digital Arts Research Center – Room 108

University of California Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064