The Turtle’s Shell

The Turtle’s Shell, was born from the inspiration a project titled Fecal Matters by Helen & Newton Harrison. Their unique solution for Bradford PA’s raw waste and run off problem was to divert rainwater into a combination of percolation ponds and a Piranha digester system, so that the local water system can return to a independently balanced state. However, this project failed to create an icon or symbol of hope for the city to get behind, as other of their projects such as The Green Heart did to great success. The realization of our own waste being at the root of our problems is something that often gets shrouded by denial in a city like Pittsburgh with high unemployment and poverty rates for over 3 decades. Fecal matter is the last thing that this worn and wary population wants to be reminded of, even though it should be the first thing on their list. I believe that we can still instigate our communities to seek symbiosis with nature through the creation of a positive icon of change. The Turtle’s Shell is an icon that brings an identity to the river and a reason for the people of Pittsburgh to connect with it.

Full PDF Proposal: The Turtle’s Shell