10^10 Blow Out

A sculptural video installation based on the “Powers of Ten” and the work of Charles & Ray Eames, by Gene A. Felice II & David McConville. This was created for the 10^10 Blow out event at the Pink Dog Studio, on 10/8/11 in collaboration with local dancers and musicians and architects.  We projected a library of images that related to the show’s theme of “the powers of 10” onto 10 milk glass globes that I salvaged from the Odyssey Community school during a recent renovation.  Through live video mixing and masking software, I was able to map 10 independent image / video layer stacks, forming an abstract plus sign on the left, a minus sign on the right and a single “human” sphere in the center.  This refers to the positive and negative sides of the “powers of ten” with man being the space in-between.  Imagery ranges from the micro to the macro, from the inner space to the outer space, from science to history to myth.