The Mini-Moogseum

Mini-Moogseum Proposal (PDF)
This Interactive, Museum Case / Sculpture is dedicated to the life and legacy of Bob Moog.  It was created for the Bob Moog Foundaiton as a permanent installation in the Orange Peel Music Hall.  The Mini-Moogseum was a collaboration between Gene A. Felice II designer and project coordinator, Chris Perryman wood artist and Steve Dunnington, one of Bob Moog’s former students and instrument technician at Moog Music.  The MiniMoogseum has a built in Theremin in it’s “dashboard” that the viewer can interact with while perusing a “remote archive” of prototypes, schematics, designs and ephemera from the Bob Moog Foundation Archive.

The eight foot high showcase serves as the first permanent installation of Bob Moog’s archives, including one of his Grammy awards and relics from the early development of Moog synthesizers. Michelle Moog-Koussa, who serves as the Executive Director of the Foundation named after her father, explained that “Over the decades to come, hundreds of thousands of people will see the installation as they visit the Orange Peel…” which was recently voted in the top five in the country by Rolling Stone magazine.  The “MiniMoogseum” can be thought of as a small scale version of the future “Moogseum“, coming soon to the Asheville area.

Beastie Boys join a growing group of celebrity musicians, including Stevie Wonder, Keith Emerson, and Billy Corgan who have all voiced their support of the Foundation’s mission to teach science to children using musical instruments. In the video the band expresses that they are “…proud and happy to be here at the beginning of this beautiful thing…..the Moogseum.” They continue by saying “There should be a Moog synthesizer in every classroom.”

This video marks the first in a new series of videos and blogs that the Foundation is calling “Voices” — reflections and ideas from the wider Moog community, focused on how Bob Moog inspired their creativity.