The Creative Technology & Arts Center

The Creative Technology & Arts Center (CTAC)
is a community hub for innovation. It welcomes artists, technologists and designers as they pursue projects that inspire and ignite transformative action.

The vision of the Creative Technology & Arts Center (CTAC) is to bring together local and visiting artists, musicians, designers, technologists and other innovative individuals in a facility with state-of-the-art equipment and spaces for performances, art installations, gallery exhibitions and other events. CTAC is a dynamic space intended for people to explore innovative ideas.  It is dedicated to stimulating and encouraging creativity. Our mission is to create a space that attracts people of all ages,  builds community in the Asheville area, and emphasizes the cross-pollination of artists from various disciplines including writing, poetry, music, recording, composition, dance, drama, healing arts, martial arts, multimedia arts & sciences,  sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, fiber,  and other arts, media and technology. Our mission is to support research and exhibitions that explore new relationships between the arts and technology in order to promote new forms of creation and expression. CTAC aspires to formulate answers to the questions of how technology can be used effectively, not only to create new forms of art, but also to connect artist to artist, and artist with audience. All of this is made possible via a diverse visiting artists program, community after-school classes, adult evening classes, a lecture series, and other special events.  CTAC is intended as a space for creation and inspiration from which all of Asheville will benefit.

We offer presentations by local and visiting artists that are open to the public.  These events include artists giving “process talks” in which they expose and explain their creative process.  The program provides a conduit for partnerships among artists and arts technologists both within and beyond CTAC. The Center promotes cooperation between the technical and conceptual worlds; the program is a center for research, innovation and creativity across disciplines. Stimulating and rewarding curiosity and exploration; CTAC provides opportunities for choice and discovery.  We are committed to the idea that creativity is a lifelong adventure. We believe that creativity is about cultivating, over a lifetime, an understanding of the creative process—about the love we bring to the process, and the joy it brings to ourselves and others.