Art Mush

Most of the photos in the full gallery were taken by Nathan Ober.
The final 15 or so amazing shots of the S.D.O.P. installation, were taken by Jon Leidel.

Art Mush was a weekend of site-specific art creation with a crew of artists from Columbus Ohio and Asheville North Carolina.  This includes Tina Matthews & Eve Warnock, Danzo, Nathan Ober, Megan Mckissack, Scott Furr, Glen Jennings, Michael Foliet.  This event also featured the premiere of the “Screen Doors of Perception” outdoor art installation.  This was first attempt at bringing a group of artists together for a group show and it flowed incredibly well, with everyone tapping into their instincts and creativity.

After seeing all of these images together in one place, it occurred to me what an amazing night we had on May 30th.  Not just from the standpoint of having the perfect night of weather, in the midst of one of the rainiest seasons that the WNC has seen in years, but in terms of the overall experience.  As the coordinator of the event, I was buried under all of the little details and only in hind-sight did I realize the ease and natural flow that the evening evolved into.  All of the visiting artists relied on their instincts and adept sense of flow to create the experience that we all had that night.  In the end, I felt an amazing sense of satisfaction and amazement with the unified effort that we all created.

I just really want to thank everyone that made this event happen!