P2 Cycle (Pedal Power)

Code Name: Open Source
from Peak Definition on Vimeo.

Our Next Step in the Project:  The P2 Modular
Official Website:  www.p2cycles.com
Pedal Power or “p2” for short is a new collaboration between Nathan Ober and Gene Felice.  It started as a way to deliver mobile media to the masses without having to rely on the grid, but has evolved into a hybrid system of human powered technology.

Combining forces is essential in today’s world of rapidly changing forms and ideas.  Ober and his vast knowledge of bicycle mechanics, combined with the electronic skills of Felice, have consumed, chewed up and spit out this new form of conglomeration.

Part bicycle, part power plant, part human excretion, Pedal Power has the potential to free us from the barriers that limit modern, human expression.  With the ever-growing demands of technology to become mobile, comes an even bigger dependence on antiquated forms of power supply.  Taking two steps backward and three forward, we’ve opened our eyes to the potential that we all carry within our bodies. By pedaling away from the grid, we bring a new sense of responsibility and independence to our performances.

Not to mention, Pedal power adds mobility to our technological framework without releasing any nasty by-products, except maybe our own sweat. From multi-media projection to audio blasting to anything the modern mind can imagine, pedal power gives us the ability to roll forward.

At Ars Electronic 2008, we would like to demonstrate the technological potential of the human body, by setting up the bike in various locations outside of the main event buildings. We would show visitors how to ride the bike and generate power for a series of live video / audio performances, performed by the creators, Gene Felice and Nathan Ober, later that night. We would also be open to guest VJ & DJ’s. Not only is the P2 mobile and ready to ride, it’s easily broken down into parts for shipping and can be re-assembled on the fly.

Please visit our website for more details and documentation of the bike in action.