Working Frameworks

Experimental / Interactive Show Website:
A group art show that traveled from Cornell University to Columbus Ohio to Chicago Illinois, exploring the frameworks of installation, sculpture & performance.

This the  “The Control Room”, an interactive video installation that creates a centralized viewing interface for the entire archive of information (past, present & future) that surrounds the larger, encompassing group show, titled “Working Frameworks”. You are currently watching footage from the installation at the Johnston Museum at cornell university, from September of this year.  “The Control Room” can be thought of as a technological support network that crosses temporal as well as spatial expanses.  It creates an installation out of the entirety of the work from all of the artists involved.  It does this through the manipulation of live, archived and re-processed imagery.

You are now watching footage from the installation in the main atrium of the Knowlton School of Archictecture in Columbus Ohio, from October of this year.  It was quite different from Cornell, both in scale in the variation of private vs. public space.  We accumulated 12 new monitors and a much different type of projection space to utilize.  These are rear projections, being screen on the velum covered glass of a projection booth that had only ever been used as a storage space for old books.

This installation really pushes the boundaries between the nature of documentation and it’s bastardized relationship to surveillance.  It blurs the lines between documenting the work and invading the privacy of our everyday lives.  Every artist and viewer becomes part of the installation as they interact with it or even by simply passing through the space in the midst of the their everyday lives.  You are being recorded, but who is watching?  By including a connection to the outside world through the expanse of the Internet, the possibilities become endless.

This is footage of the website and touchscreen kiosk interface.  It supports all the documentation and general information about the show, artists and their work.  It also features individual, viral flash pieces, from 4 different web artists.

This is footage of the online webcams that are linked within the show.  Viewers can log into the control room or website and control cameras that are set up within the various installation spaces.  By touching the screens the cameras can pan and examine the artwork.  Please visit to see for yourself.

This last footage is from the final leg of the show which is currently on display at the Conway Center at Columbia University in Chicago Illinois.  This is another public space with an even larger projection wall and open floor plan.  It’s been a tremendous test ground with our highest volume of visitors so far.  We’ve been recording still images from the webcams in both spaces, for use in time lapse documentation that show all the activity in the spaces over the entire length of the show.

This is a great example of the various kinds of experimentation that can be found within “The Control Room”  From interactive flash toys, to hidden cameras with contact mikes, to all the layers of video, photo and text info, there are endless experiences to be found, each time the viewer returns. At this point, we’ve accumulated a small library of video, audio and web based info for retrieval from it’s data banks. Its become a unique and evolving system for the display and organization of analog and digital information.