Departure Points: A : B : C

the middle, in-between, pause, center, mean, limbo

I am deciphering the systems of influence that surround me.  I am fathoming myself within these systems and how my presence effects the consequences of their equilibrium.  First I tried to understand what seemed to be an act of balance, but with the unexpected comes a need for new understanding.  The loss of my father my teacher, gave me a new desire and direction, one which begs me to ask new questions about the paths that I choose and those that seem to be chosen for me.

What is this need that I have for balance?  What is it that attracts me to the ease of such a state?  Every creature tries to reach a state of equilibrium with their surrounding environment.   I understand this statement, but it is within this struggle for balance that we learn a greater truth. There really is no middle ground or in-between or pause. There is only the usually near-sighted view, into a part of the great cycle of possibility and circumstance that surrounds us at every moment.  How is random possibility constructed?  How do individual events influence the whole?  These questions only begin to look upon this eternal question.

With my newest work, Departure Points: A (land) :  B  (sea)  : C (air), I explore these questions in a series of sensory environments.  By luring the viewer into these visual and sometimes interactive environments, I am creating a relationship that allows the viewer to recognize their connection to the whole and how it eventually cycles back into my view.  This view, or state that I am focusing upon, is personified by the idea and definition of the “Pod” as a container and vehicle for change.  Potential for transformation and transitioning into the next cycle, is a state of being on the verge, or on the cusp of the next. This illustrates the part of the cycle that I currently find myself within.

My departure from this university environment brings a new set of possibilities and experience.   Another moment in-between the past and the future, just on the edge of the present.  These moments create great circumstances, which generate major choices and directional changes.  These are the moments when my art seems to create new possibilities within itself and thus with myself.  These are the moments that I try to realize and the ones that I struggle to understand.  These are the moments when the entire cycle seems to be revealed, before it adjusts and shifts into the next.